Western Japan Shinkokai Koi Auction

5th Annual Western Japan Shinkoukai Internet Auction information


(Thu) 4th Mar  Exhibited Koi viewing 14:00~

(Fri) 5th Mar  Bidding starts     14:00~

(Wed) 10th Mar Bidding finishes   19:00

Participant criteria - All Japan Nishikigoi Promotion Association Members

This site is only Shinkoukai members. Hobbyists cannot visit this site. Those who wish to participate from overseas need to be introduced by a member of the Nishikigoi Promotion Association in Japan. After applying, we will issue an ID and password. Please join us.


☆We are planning 170 to 200 auction lots

About payment

Payment deadline is Monday 4th April.

Please ship your successful bid Koi within one month after auction.

Enquiries:Auction Secretary(Matsue Nishikigoi Center)